Beginnings at Oxford

In late 2010 a group of Oxford students started meeting to pray for the project that would become Beginnings. At the time however we had no idea where we were headed, all we knew was that we wanted to make a difference in Uganda. Actually I think I knew even less than that when I started coming to the Monday morning prayer meeting. I’ve never been a morning person and so dragging myself out of bed at 6.30 to start the week was a bit of a chore, but I quickly became committed and inspired over the weeks that followed.

Rachael would update us every week and progress that had been made and then we’d spend some time in prayer thanking God for what he had already done and committing the next stage to him. It’s been a great way to start the week over the past 18 months and as we have been faithful to God he has been faithful to us. He has provided when we’ve been in need, both in terms of people in Uganda and finances to make things happen. We’ve been able to send Rachael out there a few times and even begin to fund the work on the ground.

We’re a varied bunch ranging from historians to scientists to filmmakers and such diversity has allowed us to bring our different skills to the project. From casting an eye over grant proposals to designing flyers and from writing blog copy to simply offering hospitality, each of us has played our part.

Beginnings is entering an exciting phase as things really gear up practically for the next step in Uganda. Meanwhile we’re still meeting to pray in Oxford. Click on the ‘Get Involved’ tab for more info.


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