Jan 2013 update

So it’s been really quite a long time since anyone has updated this blog.  I’ll post a longer update soon… but in a few bullet points

  • I have finished my exams (!).  This is very little to do with the Uganda project, but helps to explain why the blog has been silent.  Rest assured all the hard work in Uganda and with our partners in UK has been ticking along whilst I’ve been revising.  The blog hasn’t…
  • We have a visually stunning video all about this project that we made in a trip back in September.  It’s here vimeo.com/53079183. (And it was made by my amazingly talented friend Tricia… more of her stuff is at patriciaandrewsmedia.com/)
  • Work is going really well in Uganda, peer educators are have been selected (a few months ago) and are being trained and reaching out in their communities.  It’s really amazing!
  • We have several small organisations and churches involved working in our two project areas, as well as regular meetings and buy-in from the Kampala Capital City Authority.
  • We have had enough funding to go for now, but are in need to funding to secure this project continuing for the next six months… and onwards.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement from various friends and acquaintances that have been so super supportive of this project.  If you have any leads of trusts we could apply for funding to, or would like to donate please get in touch through rachaelmburke@gmail.com.


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