Get involved

We’re very excited about the Beginnings project, and we’d love you to get involved!

At present, there are three main ways you can help:

1. Oxford prayer group. Beginnings was founded in Oxford, and every week a group of supporters meets to pray for the project. If you live in Oxford, please join us! We usually meet at 7am on Monday at the VIVA office, 8 Marston Street, OX4 1JU, but this sometimes changes, so it’s best to join our email list for regular updates. Email rachaelmburke (at) for more information.

2. Join our mailing list. If you’d like to pray for Beginnings at home, or just keep up to date with the project, we can send you regular progress bulletins. You can also follow progress by keeping an eye on our blog. Again, email rachaelmburke (at) to get on that.

3. Help us raise funds. Our work in Uganda can only go ahead through the generosity of our supporters. If you’re able to help us pay for medical treatment, training and salaries, please get in touch. We can process regular donations through Stewardship Services, or one-off gifts. Email rachaelmburke (at), and we’ll send you more details.